Friday, January 9, 2015

City submits road paving list to the county

City Administrator Betty Webb told commissioners at their scheduled monthly meeting held Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015 that the county had requested a list from the city of roads that need to be paved in Apalachicola during the upcoming county road paving cycle.

Following is the list of city roads to be submitted to Franklin County:

Scipio Creek Mooring Basin
(a)  From boat ramp to DACCS office entrance and side roads
(b)  Include improvements to circle around basin

James Clay Street
(a)  Between 22nd and 23rd Avenue

Johnson Complex
(a)  Drive-thru from Coach Wagoner Blvd to Avenue L
(b)  Circle at Project Impact entrance

Sawyer Lane
(a)  From Highway 98 to Avenue L (where open)

Veteran’s Lane
(a)  From Highway 98 to Avenue D

Veteran’s Lane was removed from the list by city commissioners after concerns were raised by a resident in the audience that reside in the area of the road. The concerns raised were over the expense and feasibility of paving a platted alley used as a road where only one resident reside.