Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Apalachicola considers change in its golf cart law

The City of Apalachicola is moving toward making some changes in its golf cart ordinance to allow for the vehicle to be operated after sunset where currently permitted throughout the city.

The existing ordinance, which mirrors the Florida Statue governing the operation of golf carts on public streets, prohibits the vehicle from being driven after sunset or before sunrise, unless permitted by the local governing entity.

The matter was brought up at the May 7 meeting as an agenda item by local resident and golf cart owner Cynthia Rhodes, who requested the city make the changes to allow golf cart owners more time in which to enjoy the use of their cart.

The city commission instructed its attorney and staff to draft the necessary language to amend the ordinance and prepare it for public hearing.

After the public hearing process and if the changes are adopted, the amended ordinance would allow for golf carts to be operated after sunset only if the vehicle is equipped with a windshield, head lights, brake lights, turn signals and it could possibly include a time restriction.

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