Thursday, May 26, 2016

Franklin County School 3rd Grade Class appointed Honorary Mayor Pro-Tem

Franklin County School 3rd Grade Class holding up certificates appointing
them Honorary Mayor Pro-Tem of the City of Apalachicola
Photo provided by Sunny Stultz-Dunaway

The entire third grade class at Franklin County School were issued certificates appointing them Honorary Mayor Pro-Tem of the City of Apalachicola, during Tuesday’s K-5 Awards Ceremony held at the school. The appointments came about after the students study of local government in the classes of third grade teachers Laura Brush, Randy Brock, Hannah Brock and Lynn Clark.

As part of their assignment the students wrote letters to Apalachicola Mayor Van Johnson, with questions about the function of local government. The letters were compiled by substitute teacher Sunny Stultz-Dunaway and emailed to Johnson’s attention.

“I like to thank all teachers in Franklin County for the role they play in preparing Franklin County students for the future. It is my belief that behind preachers, teachers are the most important people in our community and should be respected as such.  Especially, Franklin County School third grade teachers Lynn Clark, Laura Brush, Randy Brock and Hannah Brock for teaching their students about local government”, said Johnson.

In writing to Johnson some of the third graders wrote asking about the duties of the Office of Mayor and how much money did a Mayor make. Others wanted to know could a Mayor assist them in obtaining extra class field trips.  Some asked whether Area 51 was real and others wanted to know the population of Apalachicola and could a Mayor do anything that he or she wanted to do.

“As I attentively read each letter, I begin to reminisce about how I enjoyed studying government in Mr. Lee R.P. Rivers government class back in high school and how that particular class later became the catalyst for which I first ran for public officer. With those memories, I decided to appoint each Franklin County School third grade student to the status of Honorary Mayor Pro-Tem of Apalachicola. With hope that the appointments would further fuel their interest in government and perhaps later in life some of them would offer themselves up, as I did to serve their communities in an elected capacity”, Johnson said.

Johnson also said that he wish all of Franklin County students the up-most success in their studies, and a successful and blessed journey through life.

All totaled seventy-six Franklin County School third grade students received the honorary appointment from the Mayor.