Sunday, March 13, 2016

Auburn University Students Continue Spring Break Tradition of Service

For over ten-years now a group of students from Auburn University out on spring break have traveled to neighboring Gulf County to volunteer their time performing yard work, building handicapped ramps, replacing roofs, pressure washing buildings and painting homes for families in need of such services; in a program that the university calls, "Alternative Spring Breaks".

Beginning in 2012, the local Franklin’s Promise Coalition organization have help facilitate the student’s presence in Franklin County, where they have assisted a host of families here in need of such services.

Today's arrival of the spring breakers onto the community marked the 4th consecutive year that approximately 100 individuals, which include students, instructors and faculty have made the trip from Auburn University.

This year the group broke out into two crews.  One group of 50 students were assigned to the construction crew and the other 50 to the outreach crew. Each crews then broke out into teams of eight-students each, where they have been cleaning, washing and making repairs for our senior citizens and others in need.

The program is offered through the College Ministry with First Baptist Opelika and provide participating students with an affordable, substance-free, service learning experience and a chance to make a lasting impact in the communities in which they are assigned to serve. An alternative to the traditional spring break    

Also the students and the church raise their own funds to come to the Forgotten Coast. They rent houses on Cape San Blas, buy food locally and spend a small fortune on tools and supplies in a show of God’s love towards others.

The Franklin’s Promise Coalition pull the necessary permits and run errands for the work crews. Because of the efforts of all involved, many in the community live in a cleaner, healthier environment.