Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Results from Fitness Challenge 2015

Fitness Challenge Winner Tydron Wynn

After twelve weeks of determination and hard work, the Community Health Improvement Partners would like to congratulate all of the Fitness Challenge 2015 Participants.

What an exciting finish to this most recent Community Fitness Challenge! I applaud all of you who made the commitment to live a healthier life - through diet, exercise, or involvement in your community.

2nd Place Fitness Challenge Participant Jon Schneiderman

Mr. Tydron Wynn was the overall Community Champion of this Challenge. He lost 13.5% of his body weight. His common sense approach to the Fitness Challenge was to stop some really destructive habits and replace them with healthy choices that he enjoys.

Some of the 2015 Fitness Challenge Participants - Congrat's to All!

His smile of pride about his accomplishments just lit up our health department! -Marsha Lindeman -DOH-Franklin/Gulf Administrator

Top 5 Participants
1. Tydron Wynn 13.5%
2. Jon Schneiderman 11.5%
3. Karey Lehnert 10.85%
4. Nancy Hodgson 10.78%
5. Ashley Teat 5.18%