Monday, September 16, 2013

Local Architect Willoughby Marshall turns 90 today

Willoughby Marshall
Local Apalachicola resident, author, historian, historic preservationist and Architect Willoughby Marshall, born September 16, 1923, turns 90-years-old today.

The 90-year-old vibrant Marshall, still young at heart is a long-time, staunch advocate of maintaining the city’s historic plan patterned after Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love in 1834.

Marshall is also known for his work in preserving the overall historic integrity of the City of Apalachicola by and through the publication of his 1974 book titled "HUD 701 Planning Project: Apalachicola Economic Development through Historic Preservation" and for his 1991 and 2011 work designing, restoring and rehabilitating beautiful historic Lafayette Park.

Nevertheless, Marshall is most noted for his role in the 2007 adaptive reuse of the Fry-Conter house at 96 Fifth Street into the Apalachicola Museum of Art, which earned the project a prestigious award from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.      

On behalf of a grateful people, the elected leadership and staff of the City of Apalachicola, Florida, do hereby wish Mr. Marshall a very happy 90th birthday and wholeheartedly thank him for all of his services and contributions toward maintaining the historic integrity of his beloved Apalachicola.

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