Thursday, August 14, 2014

Project Impact Director Faye Johnson Retires

Mayor Van Johnson presents Project Impact Director Faye Johnson
with a plaque for six years of service to the Project Impact Program 

After spending the last six years overseeing the City of Apalachicola Project Impact Program, director Faye Johnson said her goodbyes to staff and city officials at retirement luncheon held today in her honor inside the main building at the Mayor Van W. Johnson, Sr., Recreation & Community Service Complex.

The popular afterschool and summer enrichment program is funded by a gant from the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) 21st Century Learning Centers Grant Program, which totaled roughly $500k each of the last 6-years to the city to run the program.  Early this year the city was commended by the FDOE for operating a flawless” program at its two sites, the ABC School, and inside the Johnson Complex.

Faye Johnson stands next to 36" wall plaque in her honor

In his remarks Apalachicola Mayor Van Johnson credited Faye Johnson with the success of the program, "your dedication and hard work towards the program’s success reminds me of the scripture about the wise man that built his house upon a rock. When the rain descended, the floods came and the wind blew the house remained standing because it was built upon a solid foundation.  Faye, you have placed the City of Apalachicola Project Impact Program on a good and solid foundation. The partnerships you have established and the jobs you have created will be beneficial to the studentsparents and the Apalachicola community for years to come”, said Mayor Johnson.

During the luncheon Project Impact staff along with Cindy Summerhill the city’s grants manager unveiled a 36” wall plaque in honor of Faye Johnson’s service to the program that will remain permanently affixed to the left wall leading to the stage. 

Lt. Pam Lewis with the Apalachicola Police Department also presented Director Johnson with a framed letter of appreciation from Police Chief Bobby Varnes and a framed certificate of appreciation from the Franklin County Student Working Against Tobacco Program (SWAT)All partnerships established by the director during her tenure over the program, including a collaborative effort with the Apalachicola Municipal Library and the Apalachicola Maritime Museum.

Lt. Pam Lewis presents Johnson with a framed certificate and a framed letter
from Police Chief Bobby Varnes as Barbara Lockley, Project Impact Site
Coordinator (L) and Caty Greene Apalachicola Librarian (R) looks on.

Mayor Johnson also recounted how the program originated, "Project Impact as we know it today started with an early morning knock on my front door by an excited Faye Johnson… excited with news that the Franklin County School District had an advertisement in the local newspaper soliciting bids for the operation of Project Impact during the last year of the 21st Century Learning Centers grant cycle with the school district.

We met with city staff and in about two hours or less Faye had completed a complicated proposal for the city that was due in the District Office by noon that day. The proposal was successful and we operated the program for the School District that year, and as the year was ending, Faye reported that the city could apply for funding and operate Project Impact independent of the School District.

Faye Johnson addresses the gathering

We did and for the last five years under Faye’s direction Project Impact has been highlighted, spotlighted and recognized by the FDOE and emulated by other 21st Century Learning Centers programs across the state", Johnson said.

Faye Johnson told the gathering the program has documented that Franklin County students have stepped through its doors over 130,000 times to participate in its activities ranging from taking field trips, boat buildingand arts and crafts to performing live theatrical plays.

Photos provided by Lt. Pam Lewis