Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Re-Entry Tags


  • Re-Entry Tags will only be used when a mandatory evacuation of Franklin County has been called.
  • You can obtain your Re-Entry Tags via our website at or by stopping by our office at 28 Airport Road, Apalachicola, FL.
  • You will need to have the following documentation to obtain your Re-Entry Tag:
  1. Driver’s License or Photo ID
  2. Forms of Proof of Ownership of Property (Tax Bill, Utility Bill, etc.) OR Proof of Rental of Property (Lease or Renters Agreement, Insurance, etc.)

  • Re-Entry Tags are used and are in place to protect property owners/renters from vandalism and looting.

Just a Few Reminders:

  • We anticipate that there will be few if any, services (gas, food, water, electricity, etc.) available after a disaster of the magnitude it would require for an evacuation to be called.  If you have a safe place to stay, please do so for the first few days after the disaster.
  • If you are a secondary homeowner, you do have a safe place to stay.  We ask that you remember that what few supplies we have will be used for the primary residents of the county who do not have a second home.
  • When returning to Franklin County after an evacuation, be sure to bring supplies with you. (Water, Fuel, Generators, etc.
  • ONCE the EOC has been activated – NO RE-ENTRY TAGS WILL BE ISSUED!

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