Friday, November 11, 2016

Special Main Street Announcement

Please join us on Tuesday, November 15 at noon at Riverfront Park as Apalachicola Main Street welcomes a special new addition to our downtown…

What's Green and Red and drives all over?

What has 6 wheels and can ring your bell?

What can transport a bride to her wedding, buyers to a store, and children to a museum?

What do San Francisco, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and Apalachicola now have in common??

What is Main Street bringing to town that will enhance the area in an historic way?

The Main Street Trolley!!!!!!!  The trolley will be used at events, weddings, for special tours, to help better connect all of the downtown district and more. Please help us welcome our trolley to town and join us for its inaugural ride in Apalachicola!

Augusta R. West
Executive Director
Apalachicola Main Street
1 Avenue E, Apalachicola, Florida 32320