Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Artist Residency: Joseph Palmerio November 28th through December 2nd

Joseph Palmerio

Joseph Palmerio is teaching a 3-day workshop, offering a combination of still life and landscape painting, while exploring various palettes. We would like to welcome students with disabilities, including wheelchairs.  Classes will be held downstairs at the Center for History, Culture and Art.  He will give a demo before each exercise so the student has a working knowledge of what it is he is asking them to do. Beginners and experienced painters are welcome.   Mr. Palmerio is an art specialist with 7 years’ experience teaching with disabled populations for the City of Philadelphia.

On Thursday, December 1, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm, medical and educational professionals are invited to join Joseph as he shares his expertise as a teaching artist working with disabled individuals.  Friday, December 2, Joe will be visiting students in the classroom.

Cost, $15 for the first day, $20 for two days and $25 for three days, per student, including lunch. 

Joseph Palmerio Biography: Mr. Palmerio was born Aug. 12, 1949 in Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. Palmerio has been a resident of Sarasota for the past twenty-three years.  He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pa. and the Barnes Foundation, Lower Merion, Pa.  Studied Sculpture at the Frudakis Academy, and metal sculpture at Tyler School of Art, Temple University.  A roofer by trade, he also worked for 23 yrs. as a recreation leader for the City of Philadelphia, and he was the Director of Recreation for the Ute Mountain Ute Indian tribe in Colorado.  He has a private pilot’s license and also maintains a Master Captains boating license, having captained boats for 12 years.  He also starred in the short Art film “A Lot in Common”, which played in the Sarasota Film Festival, 2011.   He taught painting in community arts centers in Philadelphia, and Colorado, and spent seven years teaching physically challenged adults, in Philadelphia.  He presented a highly acclaimed seminar at the St. Bridget Arts Council on Venetian Painting Techniques in Philadelphia.

He is in numerous private collections, throughout the country, The Coville Collection in Sarasota, the Grant Collection in Reston Va., Havard Collection in Philadelphia.
Commissions include six large landscapes for the Acme Market Corporation in Great Valley Pa., 10 X 30-foot wall mural for the City of Philadelphia, Murphy Recreation Center, and two 12 x 40 foot murals for Motivation Inc. in the Orlando Airport, and a 10 x 40-foot mural for Duval House B & B in Key West.

For additional information, please contact: Paulette Moss, Director, at  apalachicolaschoolofart@gmail.com or call 855-APALACH (855-272-5224)