Monday, June 6, 2016

Franklin County Emergency Management: Tropical Storm Colin Update

  • Tropical Storm Colin will continue moving over Florida Big Bend for the next 18 hours.
  • The center is west of the circulation, the bulk of the storm will be in the South East Florida Big Bend.
  • The storm may possibly be tracking back to the west.
  • Peak water level expected is 1 to 8 inches with heavy rain fall and flash flooding.
  • Rip Current risk along with possible tornadoes today.
  • One to 2 feet of surge for Apalachicola Bay.
  • Bands of rain developing along the coast moving inland.
  • Tropical storm force winds expected of 35 to 45 mph.
  • Tropical Storm Colin should peak this evening and end by Tuesday morning.
  • Alligator Point: High Tide today will be at 3:09 pm.
  • The most vulnerable area will be 800 ft before Tom Roberts Road, due to the rocks for the new road, use extreme caution when traveling this area because of possible washouts.  The Bypass is open.
  • Two to 4 feet of storm surge is expected with a 6 ft storm tide.
  • Franklin County Emergency Management remains at Level 2.