Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Action Alert

They're baaaaaack! Cigar manufacturers are once again asking Congress for special treatment so that they can continue to make their products without any oversight or regulation whatsoever. Contrary to what their lobbyists are saying behind closed doors:
  • Cigars ARE tobacco products;
  • Cigars ARE bad for you; and
  • Cigars ARE being sold at a low price and in a variety of flavors that attract kids.

Congress should not exempt any type of cigar from oversight by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Cigar smoking causes several types of cancer and lung and heart disease.  And cigars are not just smoked by adults – kids smoke them too. If Congress exempted certain types of cigars from oversight, the tobacco companies will exploit any possible loophole, including modifying their products in a way that avoids FDA oversight while still attracting kids.

Tobacco manufacturers have already shown the lengths they will go to hook new customers. As soon as the Food and Drug Administration was authorized to regulate cigarettes, including a ban on candy and fruit flavors, Big Tobacco pivoted to cigars and made them smaller, gave them sweet flavors and started promoting them in small packs of two for as little as 99 cents! These are serious opponents with few scruples.

We can't underestimate Big Tobacco's lawyers and lobbyists. We need you to help make sure Congress has the facts: Send your message now!

Thank you for continuing the fight to make tobacco history!

The Advocacy Team
@ the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids