Saturday, May 15, 2010

Apalachicola: Participates in Back to Work initiative

The City of Apalachicola has received word of its selection as one of the public entities in Franklin County to participate in the Florida Back to Work initiative.

City officials have in hand the agreement to be signed by the Mayor, to hire five employees through the initiative, which will provide reimbursement for up to 95 percent of the eligible employee’s salary.

It is estimated that Florida Back to Work will create approximately 10,000 direct jobs and 15,000 indirect jobs through additional economic activity. Although federal funding for the program ends in September, the goal of Florida Back to Work is that participating public, private and non-profit businesses will retain the new employees.

Positions Apalachicola expects to hire are a laborer for the water and sewer department, a cultural/literacy aide, a senior care receptionist/secretary, a parks and recreation maintenance person and an office assistant.

For more information on the Florida Back to Work program and worker eligibility requirements, visit or search job openings on the Employ Florida Marketplace at

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