Friday, September 18, 2009

City grants Tudor encroachment

At the Sept 15 special meeting, Dan Garlick of Garlick Environmental Associates appeared before the city commission representing Dr. Helen Tudor owner of the Chapman House located at 82 - 6th Street on the corner of Avenue E.

Dr. Tudor of New York City recently purchased the home formerly owned by famed botanist Dr. Alvin Wentworth Chapman with plans to turn the first floor of the 152-year-old structure into a museum.

Garlick asked commissioners for an encroachment to allow for the planting of an extensive landscaping/gardening project on the city’s right-of-way adjacent to the house. He told commissioners that planning and zoning had already reviewed the plans and the plans met with their approval.

“What we propose is similar to what has occurred in the past, especially in the same block the way the parking arrangements have been and also the planting”, Garlick said.

Garlick told commissioners that Tudor wanted to add some non-permanent structures such as heavily planted arbors with native vines that would create a pleasant walk through to some type of museum in the future.

At the January 6, 2009 regular meeting, city commissioners gave approval to Dr. Tudor to remove the sidewalk in front of the Chapman House in order to landscape the area, the commission granted the encroachment as well.

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