Thursday, September 17, 2009

Municipal flag nets profit for city

Local physical therapist Tom Brocato was back before the city commission at their Sept 15 special meeting to give a progress report on the sale of the newly authorized city flag.

Inspired by a letter from the city and born out of concerns over local economic conditions, Brocato requested and received board approval earlier this year to create for sale a municipal flag using the official seal of the City of Apalachicola.

Using resources from his private business to produce the flag, Brocato pledged that profits from its sale would go toward funding the Apalachicola Community Pride Partnership Initiative.

At the Sept 15 special meeting, Brocato told commissioners that he had sold 25 flags at $30 each and presented the commission with a check for $300, which represents the city’s portion of the proceeds.

Brocato also asked for and received board approval to produce using once again the city seal, coffee mugs, key chains, and stickers for sale at the upcoming Seafood Festival, with the profits likewise going toward the community pride program.

For more information on how to obtain one of the keepsake memorabilia’s, contact Tom Brocato at (850) 653-4545.

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