Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Area Census Office (ACO) Vacancies

Area Census Office Manager (ACOM): Responsible for the quality and progress of all field and office operations and activities. The ACOM directs Census operations in the local area, including monitoring budgets, schedules, and progress of operations.  

Census Field Manager (CFM): Responsible for managing field data collection activities associated with the ACO. The CFM will be responsible for managing several hundred field operations staff at peak times. The field operations staff work outside the office, throughout the office's geographic territory. Specifically, the CFM will be responsible for training, supervising, and managing field staff involved in activities such as updating address lists and maps, conducting in-person interviews to gather census data, and conducting other follow-up activities. The CFM will also train, supervise, and manage office staff. 

Lead Census Field Manager (LCFM): Responsible for managing the CFMs throughout the office geographic territory.  The LCFM is responsible for training, supervising and managing CFMs in an ACO. The LCFM will ensure that the CFMs are performing their duties and responsibilities.

Recruiting Manager (RM): Responsible for ensuring that qualified applicants are recruited to fill ACO field and office positions. RMs are responsible for the development of an ACO recruiting plan that will allow the office to recruit thousands of applicants throughout the ACO territory. The RM is also responsible for recruiting, training, and managing recruiting support staff, including dozens of field RAs and office support staff.  

Recruiting Assistant (RA): Responsible for outreach and contacting local organizations to request responding to job advertisements by answering their questions from the public about jobs, qualifications and how to apply. In addition, RAs will conduct formal and informal presentations about census jobs and work at the grassroots level to spread the word about jobs. 

Information Technology Manager (ITM): Responsible for managing technological functions used by field and office staff in an ACO. Specifically, the ITM is responsible for troubleshooting, evaluating, analyzing, and coordinating automation operations to support office and field activities.  The ITM also supports mobile devices used by field staff. The ITM will train and supervise office staff to assist in the IT support function. 

Administrative Manager (AM)Responsible for office administrative activities, including personnel and payroll operations for an assigned ACO. AMs will be responsible for administrative support of all supervisory and staff level positions. The AM will be responsible for processing applications for thousands of applicants, managing applicant selection (telephone interview and job offer), processing personnel actions for several hundred new hires, and processing payroll for several hundred or more employees a week at peak times. 
Office Operations Supervisor (OOS): Assists in the management of office functions and day-to-day activities required to support field operations, recruiting, IT support, and administrative activities. The OOS supervises, schedules, and assigns work to clerks and oversees related office operations.

Clerk: Performs various administrative and clerical tasks to support various functions, including payroll, personnel, recruiting, field operations, and support functions.  

Census Field Supervisor (CFS): Supervises Enumerators/Listers. CFSs train their staff, monitor progress and performance, troubleshoot issues and provide instructions, approve time and expense reports, and may document and recommend termination actions. 

Enumerator/Lister: Conducts field activities such as updating address lists and maps, conducting in-person interviews to gather census data, and conducting other follow-up activities.  

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