Friday, March 27, 2015

Pilotti turns himself in after his name appeared on the Internet

Joshua L. Pilotti

There were no listing on the Federal, state or local most wanted lists, nor were there any organized man hunts in pursuit of 26-years-old Joshua L. Pilotti of 234 Timothy Simmons Street in Apalachicola.

Nevertheless, after Pilotti learned that his name had appeared on the internet in connection with the January 25 unlawful entrance into the home of an Apalachicola man that was beaten and robbed.  Prompted him to call the Franklin County Jail to turn himself into custody.

Apalachicola Police Officer Lt. Pamela Lewis was at the jail in Eastpoint on another matter when Pilotti's call came in on Tuesday, March 24, 2015. Lewis promptly drove back to town to arrest and pick-up Pilotti on charges of burglary of a dwelling, personal assault and robbery stemming from his role in the January 25 incident.

Lewis reported that Pilotti stated he had just returned to town from grouper fishing when he learned that his name was listed on the Mayor’s Blog as being a fugitive and he surmised that since everybody knew, he might as well turn himself in.

Both Pilotti and 24-years-old Brandon Levi Hill, of 66 11th Street have now been arrested and charged in the case. 

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