Monday, October 20, 2014

H'COLA political forum dominated by local issues

Panel: (L-R) Margo Posten, advocate for hiring the next School Superintendent 
Landy Wade, from the Graham Campaign, Mason Bean, from the Southerland
Campaign and Jim Bachrach, advocate for raising the bed tax

The phrase “all politics is local” made by former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Tip O’Neill was never more evident than at the political forum hosted on October 13, by the Hillside Coalition of Laborers for Apalachicola (H’COLA).

The panel that was assembled by H’COLA to field questions from those in attendance was composed of surrogates from both the Southerland and Graham campaigns, along with advocates for “hiring” the next Franklin County Public School Superintendent and increasing the “bed tax”. All of which will appear on the local ballot in November.

It quickly became evident that most in attendance were there to discuss the superintendent and bed tax issues, which completely dominated the course of the forum regardless of the presence of the two representatives from the Southerland and Graham camps, who received very few questions from the audience.

Highlights from the forum can be viewed by watching the video below:

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