Sunday, July 10, 2016

Seahawks Head Basketball Coach Mackenzie Williams, Building Championship Program for the Future

Seahawks Head Basketball Coach Mackenzie Williams with son.

At the Franklin County K-12 School in Eastpoint, Seahawks Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Mackenzie Williams has a vision for the future that entails building a championship basketball program from grade school up.

Coach Williams and Tydron Wynn, his assistant varsity boys and head JV boys coach are fresh from a June 3rd - June 5th coaches clinic held in Deerfield Beach, Florida, by World traveled Nike Skill Development Trainer and Workout Director, Ganon Baker. 

Baker is the workout coach to NBA stars Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire, Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Vince Carter, and he has taught a coaches certification class for last nine years, which has been attended by grade school, high school, college and professional coaches from across the world.

“About twenty-four coaches from as far away as Australia, Canada, New York, Oregon, Washington State and Baltimore attended the June clinic.  Tydron and I were the only two in attendance from Florida. We gained a lot of knowledge and brought back a ton of information on how to coach and teach the game”, said Coach Williams.

 “With that knowledge, we are going to turn around the Seahawks by bringing back the type of lingo that college and NBA players talk. The type of conversation that you don’t often hear on the high school level. We are going to implement that, so our players can gain a greater understanding of the game. Also, we’re going to implement basketball homework for our team, just like their regular homework assignments. We have to advance their basketball knowledge to be more successful on the court, and to gain an upper hand on our opponents.  Our guys have to know the game… so we are going to start with our middle school guys, our JV guys and our varsity guys, we are going to start assigning homework for them to study and learn the game”, Williams said.  

Head Coach Mackenzie Williams, in the middle wearing a light orange shirt, and 
Assistant Coach Tydron Wynn, in the far left wearing black. The two are pictured
with the class of the June 3rd-June 5th 2016 coaches clinic.  

This summer, Williams also kicked-off the “Mackenzie Williams Youth Basketball Summer League” operating out of The Matchbox. The intent of the co-ed program is to teach basic basketball skills and work ethics to participates that are in grade and middle school. So that by the time each age group reach high school, they will be ready for a state championship run.

“We will be teaching summer league participants the concept of the game, the pick and roll, moving without the ball and playing team defense”, Williams added.

Williams is receiving help with his youth summer league from volunteer coaches and some of his players from the Franklin County Seahawks boys varsity basketball team. He is also working towards putting together a second grade traveling team for next summer.

“We are focused on building the basketball culture back up in Franklin County, beginning with age 5”, said Helen Willis-Escobar, manager of The Matchbox.

“I’m excited about it!  I just want to see these kids grow to love the game and possibly get a free education out of it”, Williams concluded.

When asked to predict, based upon the programs he has put into place, how long it would take before the Seahawks can walk away with a state title.  Williams responded, “within three years”.

A state championship title for the Seahawks varsity boys and girls basketball teams in three years could actually become a reality. Especially, as Williams youth summer league gains momentum.  Also, when adding his recent training into the mix, it could all very well be the making of a Franklin County High School basketball dynasty in North Florida.

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