Monday, May 2, 2016

Franklin County Emergency Management Implements Early Warning System

Franklin County Emergency Management (FCEM) has implemented an early warning system for Franklin County.   The system called “Nixle” will allow FCEM to send a warning message to your cell phone via email, text or both.

If you have already enrolled in the FCEM Re-Entry program and provided an email address, with that you have been enrolled into the Nixle Early Warning System.

Your User Name:  The email address you provided.

Your Password: The first 6 letters of your last name.  If your last name is less then 6 letters, then add numbers starting with 1 to make the 6-digit password.  All lower case. (Example:  If your last name is “Smith”, your password would be “smith1”, and if your last name is “Doe”, your password would be “doe123”)

If you have already applied for and received your Re-Entry Tags, you have also been signed up for the Nixle Early Warning System, unless you requested otherwise. If you have not received a text message from the Nixle System, please text the word “YES” to 888777 from the cell phone number you provided. This will activate your text messages.

Once you are registered in the Nixle System, you can sign on to your account at and make changes, add different locations, change your password, etc.

The staff at FCEM, also encourage you to go to and enroll for yourself, if you have not been previously enrolled.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact FCEM via email at or telephone (850) 653-8977.