Monday, April 18, 2016

Apalachicola Research Reserve Organizes Lionfish Sci-Café

Photo by Ken Marks
~ Come explore the world of the invasive lionfish ~

WHAT: Lionfish Sci-Café at Tamara’s Tapas Bar

WHEN: Thursday, April 21 - 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

WHERE: Tamara’s Tapas Bar - 71 Market Street - Apalachicola, FL 32320

HOW: This event is free and registration is not required. For more information, contact Emily Jackson at or call (850) 670-7743

Come explore the world of the invasive lionfish on Thursday April 21, from 6:00-9:00pm at Tamara’s Tapas Bar in Apalachicola. Join scientists, charter captains, divers, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Lionfish Outreach Coordinator and staff from the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve to learn the latest on this invasive fish. Native to the South Pacific and Indian Oceans the lionfish, Pterois volitans, now inhabits much of the Atlantic seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico. Lionfish are a predatory reef fish that are reproducing at an alarming rate. They eat native fish, which can reduce native populations and have negative effects on our environment. Nonnative Lionfish have invaded Florida waters, posing a significant threat to our native wildlife and habitat. You are Florida’s primary means of control. Be the predator and remove lionfish from Florida waters whenever you can.
Participants will have the opportunity to speak to experts on lionfish biology and hear from those on the frontline of the fight against these invasive fish. While listening, participants will have a chance to taste deliciously prepared lionfish and purchase from a menu of lionfish dishes. There will be demonstrations on how to catch lionfish, plus cleaning and handling the fish. Interested in learning how to catch lionfish? Area dive instructors will be on hand with information on dive certification.