Saturday, March 26, 2016

Applebee to make medical mission trip to Turkey

Next week Apalachicola resident and physician assistant Larry Applebee will be making another humanitarian trip abroad. This time to the Turkey-Macedonia border area where refugees are fleeing war torn Syria and are living in tents as makeshift shelter. Sixty percent of those fleeing Syria are children that are in need of immediate medical attention.

Applebee will be making the trip to volunteer his services as a physician assistant.  In June of 2015, he made a similar medical mission trip to earthquake ravished Asia.

To support his efforts and to help defray the cost of his Turkey-Macedonia mission, Applebee has setup a ‘Go Fund Me’ account and is asking all that can to help by donating directly on the site.  In past trips Applebee together with his wife Paula have absorbed the cost associated with making the trips, which included both plane tickets and lost wages. To donate click on the 'Go Fund Me' image below.

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