Sunday, December 6, 2015

One Concept: Remarks made by Tami Ray-Hutchinson at the Mayor’s Gala

Tami Ray-Hutchinson

The following are remarks as written and delivered by Tami Ray-Hutchinson at the Mayor’s Gala held November 21, 2015, inside the Historic Holy Family Senior Citizen Center. The remarks captured the very essence of the occasion and the principal reason behind the event.

Good evening.  I am Tami Ray-Hutchinson, secretary and publicist for the Hillside Coalition Of Laborers for Apalachicola.
The concept of ONE

One can be defined as characterized by Unity.  Undivided.  Of the Same Kind or quality.

Gandhi said “All humanity is one undivided and indivisible family” We believe that you are here tonight because you are a part of that unit.  Truth be told, we are all one in the same.  We are each single elements of one group, one category, one kind – mankind. Together, we are so much more than the individual sum of our parts.  All too often we confuse diversity and division.  They both come in many forms- - different skin colors, different religions, different hairstyles, different political views, different sides of town.  But in the words of former President Jimmy Carter, “Of course we are a nation of differences.  Those differences don’t make us weak.  They’re the source of our strength.”

The sooner we realize that we can agree to disagree, and respect each other’s view, opinion or logic, the sooner we gain strength.

Nationally and even locally one of the most divisive agendas has been politics.  It was Rodney King who said “Can't we all just get along?”  And so the vision of The Mayors’ Gala, ONE was born.  It is the desire of our current Mayor’s administration to move our quaint, beloved Apalachicola, FORWARD – TOGETHER.    So if you’re black or brown, red, yellow, white, or polka dot.  If you’re Democrat, Republican or Independent;   If you’re Asian, Latino, African-American, Caucasian;  If you’re North Side, South Side, Upper East Side or “West Side”; aren’t we, in fact, all God’s children?  We breathe ONE air.  Let us, together, join with our Mayor, our government, civic, and community leaders to move forward – One City.  One Voice.  One Vision.”

Photos by: Sand Grain Photography