Saturday, May 9, 2015

Help Us Support Tyler

Tyler Anthony Marquez Farmer

Tyler Anthony Marquez Farmer, is a 9th grader at Franklin County School and a team member on the GAMESPEED Summer Travelling Basketball Team for his age group. Both of his parents, Gregory and Pauline Farmer are deceased, and Tyler resides with his siblings in Apalachicola.

Recently, his team traveled to South Florida and won 1st place in their age division. In addition, the team will be travelling throughout the summer representing this area and Tyler is in need of both financial and moral support. 

Tyler and his family would greatly appreciate any donation that can be made to help the young man not only play the sport of basketball, which he loves. But also help him to grow and develop within a structured, positive team environment offered through the GAMESPEED development program.

An account has been set up at Centennial Bank, so you can make a donation at any branch. 

For additional information, please contact Ms. Ruby Farmer, Tyler’s grandmother at (850)340-0184. #Donate #CharacterBuilding  #Basketball #GameSpeed