Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Franklin County Community Health Partners Issues Fitness Challenge For Cash

The Franklin County Community Health Partners (CHIP) are happy to help plan this year’s Fitness Challenge! 

HISTORY: The Fitness Challenge is a community event created  in Gulf County. Last year’s winner in Gulf County, lost a total of 32 lbs and took a cash prize of $855..We are now implementing the Fitness Challenge throughout Franklin County.  


- 12 Week Weight Loss/Fitness Challenge (January 7-April 1, 2015)    

- The cost is $15 and the winner gets the ENTIRE POT!    

- Results are based on the percentage of weight lost so that it is fair for all!    

- There will be a weigh-in every 3 weeks to keep everyone motivated.    

- Workout on your own or coordinate with a group.     

- You may join after the start date, but must do final weigh-in on April 1.  

*Weigh-ins will be held at the Florida Department of Health in Franklin County Locations:


139-12 Street 9:00-5:30 pm EST 
Ask for Alma Pugh, 850-653-2111 ext 133 

January 7-8: Initial Weigh-in 
January 28:  3 week weigh-in 
February 18: 3 week weigh-in 
March 11: 3 week weigh-in
                April 1: Final weigh-in                


106 N.E 5th  Street 9:00-5:30 pm EST 
Ask for Amy Crosby, 850-697-4121 

January  7-8: Initial Weigh-in 
January 29:  3 week weigh-in 
February 19: 3 week weigh-in 
March 12: 3 week weigh-in 
April 1: Final weigh-in