Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Apalachicola officials to make changes to Tree Ordinance

City Administrator Betty Webb presented a draft revision to the city’s Tree Ordinance to the Apalachicola Board of City Commissioners at their July meeting held last night inside the Battery Park Community Center.

Webb told commissioners that she had incorporated changes to the ordinance that were discussed at last month's meeting.  She asked the commission to review the draft and to make further changes as deemed necessary.  Webb also told the commission that she would present the proposed revision to the tree city's Tree Committee and ask them to do likewise before bringing the matter for public hearing and adoption.

The interpretation of the ordinance adopted in 2011 was thrust to the forefront at a planning and zoning meeting during an inquiry concerning the removal of the cedar tree from Riverfront Park.

The revision clarifies the process and make clear that approval to remove, relocate, or substantially alter any tree located on city property rest solely with the Code Enforcement Office and the City Administrator or their designee.  

In cases where it’s determined by either that a potential conflict will arise from the removal, relocation, or substantially altering of a tree located on city property the city commission will be advised before a final decision is made.

Once the revision process is completed, it will take two public hearings to determine whether the changes will become city law.  A copy of the proposed revision can be accessed, reviewed or printed by clicking the above image.