Friday, June 27, 2014

APD Finest Recognized for Good Deed

One of Apalachicola Police Department (APD) finest has been recognized for providing exceptional service to a traveler on a layover in Apalachicola during a recent return trip back to Texas his home State.

In early May of this year when APD Officer Ginger Creamer answered a call from dispatch to see a man in need of assistance, she responded as she usually does. With civility, concern and professionalism, which is characteristic of an exceptional law enforcement officer.  Such character traits allow an officer to place protecting and serving the interest of others above and beyond his or her own interest and sense of self-importance.

Through her action in this situation, Officer Creamer exemplified what it means to truly be an exceptional law enforcement officer as well as an outstanding member of the Apalachicola community both in and out of uniform.

For a number of years now she has unselfishly served the Franklin County community not only as a highly dedicated officer of the law, but also as a volunteer fire fighter and first responder.  All of which require a tremendous sacrifice towards the service of others.  

So it wasn’t at all surprising when my office received a letter from Mr. Dirk L. McDonald of Cedar Hill, Texas that recognized Officer Creamer for assisting him during his stopover.
Mr. McDonald’s letter can be accessed and read in its entirety by clicking the above photo of Officer Creamer.