Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Apalachicola man commended for assisting police officer during public affray

L-R: Col. Perez Bellelis, Sgt. Eddie Joe Moses, Jr., Chief Bobby Varnes
and Maj. Jeral Hall.  Photo provided by Franklin Correctional Institution

A local man was commended today by Apalachicola Police Chief Bobby Varnes for assisting Police Officer Timothy Davis during a public affray that developed yesterday at the intersection of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ave & 12th Street.

Apalachicola resident Eddie Joe Moses, Jr., who works as a Correctional Officer Sergeant at Franklin Correctional Institution was driving by the intersection where he witnessed the ruckus developing and stopped to ensure no potential harm befell Davisthe lone officer on the scene. Moses remained by Davis’s side in the midst of the scuffle until other officers arrived to ensure Davis’s continued safety.

It is unfortunate that officers sometimes find themselves in situations that their safety could be jeopardized. This could very well have been the case with Officer Davis call yesterday", wrote Chief Varnes in a letter commending Moses.

"Your willingness to simply be there for Officer Davis and 'have his back' until back up could arrive, shows extreme character.  When most citizens would have observed and perhaps moved on, you were willing to take a part to ensure no harm came to an officer", wrote Varnes.

Although no harm came to the person of Officer Davis during the commotion, the residents of the City of Apalachicola owe Moses a great debt of gratitude for his tremendous display of public bravery and public spirit.

The fight started with a pick up game at the 6th Street basketball court and escalated on 12th Street when others got involved. All suspects involved were arrested and charged with Public Affray.