Wednesday, July 10, 2013

City of Apalachicola Grant Funds and Projects

The following list represents grants acquired by the city of Apalachicola from Federal, State, and local agencies to fund projects within the city that totals more than $7.2 million.

Relentlessly in pursuit of grant opportunities to fund all sorts of projects ranging from the extension of sewer services, to the enhancement of recreational opportunities for children. Apalachicola city officials have sought and successfully acquired the listed grants for specific projects designed to create and sustain jobs and to enhance the overall quality of life and experiences of all those who live, work and visit Apalachicola. 

By design, grants are specific in nature, and the recipient of such can only use them for the intended purpose outlined in the grant application and in its subsequent award. 

Cindy Summerhill, Deputy City Clerk/Grants Manger oversees and manages on a daily basis the city’s grant program.


* Scipio Creek Boat Basin Haul out Slip:
Fish & Wildlife Commission -  ​​​$250,000  
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - $200,000
* Scipio Creek Boat Basin Renovation:
Economic Development Administration - $1,855,000
F​​DEO CDBG Economic Development - $484,596
​​​​​City Revolving Loan Program - $215,000

* Downtown Public Restrooms and Streetscape:
FDEO CDBG Commercial Revitalization​​​ - $700,000

* U.S. Highway 98 Beautification​​ Project:
Florida Department of Transportation - $100,000

* Battery Park Outfall Stormwater Water Quality Improvement:
Northwest Florida Water Management District - $71,500 (Design Only)

* Overall Stormwater Water Quality Improvements:
U.S. Hwy 98 & 16th Street Outfall
Shadow Lane Outfall
Avenue I Outfall
State Budget Allocation (NWFWMD)​​ - $2,000,000

* Wastewater Treatment Plant Wet Weather Holding Pond:
State Budget Allocation (FDEP) - $957,000

* Riverfront Park Sidewalk Retainer:
FEMA - $394,752

* Marketing CHRN Boardwalk History:
Visit Florida - $5,000

* Small Business Marketing History (HCA):
Visit Florida - $5,000

* Center for History, Culture & Art - School of Art​​​:
Department of Cultural Affairs - $20,000

* Center for History, Culture & Art - School of Art:
Franklin County Tourist Development Council - $2,800

* Center for History, Culture & Art - Exhibit Series​​​:
Franklin County Tourist Development Council - $2,800

TOTAL GRANTS AWARDED ​​​​​- $7,263,448

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