Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mayor raise cash for Food Pantry

Over the past four weeks, the Mayor’s office has worked feverishly to raise needed cash to purchase food for the Franklin County Food Pantry through what the Mayor hailed as his Seasonal Campaign Fund.

The Mayor first detailed the need for the fundraiser Nov. 2 on this blog and then emailed letters soliciting financial support to some local businesses and a list of vendors that trade with the city.

At last night’s Dec. 2 city commission meeting, the Mayor presented to Clarice Powell, Chair of the Franklin County Food Pantry about a dozen checks totaling $2,675 collected to purchase food for those among us who by providence are less fortunate.

The Mayor would like to thank all the individuals, vendors and local businesses who contributed to the 2008 Mayor’s Seasonal Campaign Fund, the citizen of Franklin County appreciate your kind generosity.

Video footage courtesy of Gail D. Johnson