Rules for Posting Comments

The primary intent of this blog is to provide a public forum to disseminate timely and useful information concerning matters that impact the operation of local city government.

From time to time I will share my personal opinion as well as offer my perspective on certain issues and subject matters that pertain to and effect that operation.

On those occasions not only do I expect, but I wholeheartedly welcome and encourage wholesome debates, the sharing of ideas, opinions and viewpoints that are different than my own, especially from those that regularly follow this blog or have a vested interest in the operation of the city of Apalachicola.

However, what I do not expect nor will I tolerate are comments that are disrespectful of my opinion or the opinion of others and those that by design are intended to seek some sort of retribution for a perceived injustice, past or present. The levying of insults, bashing, maligning the character of others or belaboring the point will also not be tolerated. If either one of the previously mentioned is your objective in posting a comment on this blog, then please look elsewhere for your satisfaction.

Essentially all commenters are invited guest, so please conduct yourself accordingly.

Any comments that do not follow this simple rule will be promptly deleted.

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