Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Apalachicola honors service of retired City Administrator Betty Taylor-Webb

City Attorney Pat Floyd reads Board resolution to Betty Taylor-Webb
The Apalachicola Board of City Commissioners honored retired City Administrator Betty Taylor-Webb at their monthly meeting held last night inside the Battery Park Community Center.

A teary eyed Taylor-Webb received a resolution passed by the city commission and read aloud by City Attorney Pat Floyd, along with a bouquet of roses presented by new City Administrator Lee Mathes and a plaque read by Apalachicola Mayor Van Johnson.

Taylor-Webb retired on March 31st after a distinguished 30-year career with the City of Apalachicola. The appreciation of her service is captured and conveyed below in the resolution read by Floyd and authored by Johnson below.

The Historic City of Apalachicola, Florida
Honoring Betty Taylor-Webb on her retirement

WHEREAS, the Apalachicola Board of City Commissioners are pleased to honor Betty Taylor-Webb as she concludes a 30-year career of distinguished public service to the people of Apalachicola, and

WHEREAS, Betty Taylor-Webb began her career with the City of Apalachicola as City Clerk, and through diligent effort and dedication, advanced through the ranks to the position of City Administrator, and

WHEREAS, Betty Taylor-Webb, in the role of City Administrator, demonstrated an uncommon level of knowledge, commitment, and creativity, and is credited with securing on behalf of the residents of Apalachicola, millions in Federal and State grants towards the construction of the New Fire/Police Station, the renovation of Holy Family Senior Citizen Center, funding for the operation of Project Impact, and improvements at Scipio Creek Marina, and

WHEREAS, Betty Taylor-Webb, also in the role of City Administrator, dedicated countless hours volunteering wherever her services were needed most, at the Annual Oyster Cook-off, at Project Impact, at the Annual 3rd of July Independence Day Celebration, and as a firefighter with the Apalachicola All Volunteer Fire Department, and

WHEREAS, Betty Taylor-Webb’s exemplary service to the public, have without doubt played a critical role in the growth and development of Apalachicola and towards the enhanced quality of life of its residents, and

WHEREAS, within the scope of her public service, Betty Taylor-Webb has established a model to be emulated and has set a standard of excellence toward which others might strive.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Apalachicola Board of City Commissioners, on behalf of a grateful community. Do hereby honor Betty Taylor-Webb, as she concludes an unparalleled career of public service to the City of Apalachicola, Florida and pay tribute to her meritorious history of leadership and dedication and we extend to her sincere best wishes for success in all her future endeavors.

This Resolution shall become effective immediately upon adoption.

ADOPTED this 5th day of April 2016.

BY: Van W. Johnson, Sr., Mayor                                                   
Mitchell Bartley, City Commissioner, Seat 1                                                 
Jimmy Elliott, City Commissioner, Seat 2                                                     
Frank Cook, City Commissioner, Seat 3
Brenda Ash, City Commissioner, Seat 4

ATTESTED: Lee Mathes, City Administrator
Bobby Varnes, Jr., Chief of Police
J. Patrick Floyd, City Attorney

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