Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Florida Inventors Hall of Fame release names of 2014 inductees: Dr.John Gorrie makes the list

Statue of John Gorrie
In National Statuary Hall  

The Florida Inventors Hall of Fame released this morning the names of six inventors selected to be inducted into the inaugural class of the New Florida Inventors Hall of Fame (FIHF) at the University of South Florida in September.  Making the list is Apalachicola's very owned John Gorrie, M.D., (1803-1855), who was nominated for induction in early June by the City of Apalachicola.

Gorrie invented the ice-making machine and is considered the father of air conditioning and refrigeration. His invention began with an attempt to cure Yellow Fever during an outbreak in Apalachicola in 1841. Convinced that cold was a healer, he advocated the use of ice to cool sickrooms and reduce fever. Ice was shipped by boat from northern lakes until Gorrie’s successful experimentations with the rapid expansion of gases to create refrigeration. The state of Florida honored Gorrie as a notable person in Florida’s history by donating the statue of John Gorrie to the National Statuary Hall collection located in the United States Capitol Building, and naming a bridge, museum and Florida state park in his honor.

The mission of the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame is to recognize and commend Florida inventors whose achievements have advanced the quality of life for Floridians, the state and the nation.  Nominees, who must have at least one U.S. patent, were nominated through an open nomination process and elected by a Selection Committee comprised of distinguished leaders in research and innovation throughout Florida. 

FIHF encourages individuals of all ages and backgrounds to strive toward the betterment of Florida and society through continuous, groundbreaking innovation, and, by commending the incredible scientific work being accomplished in the state, to further the growth of Florida’s innovation sector. 

The 2014 inductees represent four state universities and two private research institutions and, collectively, hold more than 2,100 issued U.S. patents.  Their high merit has been recognized by their institutions and communities with named parks, museums, scholarships, funds and medals, among other honors. 

The inaugural class include Gorrie, Thomas Edison (1847-1931), Robert Cade, M.D. (1927-2007), William Glenn, Ph.D. (1926 – 2013), Shyam Mohapatra, Ph.D. (1955- ), and Shin-Tson Wu, Ph.D. (1953- ).

An induction Ceremony & Gala will be held on September 10, 2014 in Tampa at the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame at the University of South Florida, for more information or to view the complete list of inductees, including photos and biographical information, visit www.floridainvents.org.

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