Sunday, July 3, 2016

Elinor Mount-Simmons honored by City on retirement

Elinor Mount-Simmons receives standing ovation and a Board Resolution from 
Apalachicola City Commissioners on her retirement after 36-years as an
Educator with the Franklin County School District: Photo by Lee Mathes

Elinor Mount-Simmons, a retired educator from the Franklin County School District after a 36-year stellar career was recognized and honored by the Apalachicola Board of City Commissioners at their June 7, 2016, regular meeting.

Commissioners presented Mount-Simmons with flowers and a board resolution for her work with students in the City of Apalachicola Project IMPACT After-School and Summer Enrichment Program, as well as for her exceptionalism as a classroom teacher.

During her career as a Franklin County School District Educator, Mount-Simmons had the distinction of being selected three times Who’s Who Amongst America’s Teachers and Teacher of the Year at Chapman Elementary, Franklin County School’s East Campus, and at the Franklin County School in Eastpoint.

She’s also credited with creating, coordinating and teaching the Academic Recovery Program at both the former Apalachicola High School and at the Franklin County School, which has been instrumental in assisting countless of students meet the requirements to graduate high school.

According to Mount-Simmons, her success with students was due in part to her ability to teach, motivate and direct students while maintaining their interest.

“I’m an expressive communicator that was able to effectively interact with a diverse populations of students at all levels and I consistently maintained a positive relationship with the students, their parents, the faculty, staff, the administration and the community”, said Mount-Simmons.

Mount-Simmons work as an educator went above and beyond the classroom, she also served as Statistician for the Boy’s High School Basketball teams, as the GED Test Examiner, as the Public Information Officer at the Franklin County School, and as an officer and member in both the Apalachicola Sharks and Seahawks Booster Clubs.

As a community activist she serves as the current president of the Hillside Coalition Of Laborers for Apalachicola (H’COLA), and she once wrote a column for the Apalachicola Times Newspaper.

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