Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April as National Minority Health Month

The Department of Health’s Office of Minority Health will join its partners in raising public awareness about health and health care disparities that affect racial and ethnic minorities and how the agency along with their partners will be working together to accelerate health equity.

Recognizing that health is the key to progress and equity in all other things, Dr. Booker T. Washington proposed the observance of "National Negro Health Week" in April 1915. He called on local health departments, schools, churches, businesses, professional associations, and the most influential organizations in the African-American community to "pull together" and "unite… in one great National Health Movement." That observance grew into what is today a month-long initiative to advance health equity across the country on behalf of all racial and ethnic minorities – National Minority Health Month.

During this annual observance, Florida Health officials will continue to raise awareness about health and health care disparities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minorities and their collective efforts to address them.  It is a call to action, a charge for all to unite towards a common goal of improving the health of our communities.  Every Floridian should have the chance to live a healthy life, regardless of who they are and where they live.

This year’s theme, “Building Healthy Communities; Accelerating Health Equity Throughout Florida,” reflects the continuous and collective efforts by Health officials in Florida to increase momentum toward achieving a state free of disparities in health. This observance serves as a reminder of the progress made and commitment to minority health priorities.

Florida’s Office of Minority Health has also provided an online poster and flyer that can be downloaded to be displayed in organizations and at community events. Together with other Department of Health programs, local health offices and community partners, Florida’s Office of Minority Health will remain committed to eliminating health and healthcare disparities.

For more information about Minority Health Month, please visit:

Minority Health Month (MHM) Poster

"Without health and long life, all else fails."
- Dr. Booker T. Washington