Friday, April 10, 2015

Main Street Extends Downtown Cleanup to Battery Park

Volunteers with Main Street cleaned up Battery Park playground in
response to concerns from parents: (L-R) Ed Springer, Will Rosenbaum, 
Jan Thomas, Jody Rosenbaum and Jim Bachrach

Last weekend volunteers with the Historic Apalachicola Main Street program came to the aid of their community in response to concerns raised about park conditions in Apalachicola. 

During a scheduled Main Street cleanup of the downtown area held Saturday, April 4, volunteers included sprucing up the playground area in Battery Park as part of their itinerary in response to concerns raised about inadequate park maintenance at a recent city meeting.

Jan Thomas

“Our hard working volunteers spent a few hours on Saturday doing a Main Street cleanup and gave some attention to the Battery Park playground in response to the concerns raised by parents recently… we'd like to cover even more ground next time, if we can mobilize more volunteers”, said Augusta Reynolds West, Executive Director, Historic Apalachicola Main Street.

Jim Bachrach

The actions of Main Street volunteers can be categorized as a display of community pride, wanting to make a significant difference or just simply taking ownership and addressing a community concern.

Regardless of how their actions are classified one thing’s for sure, they have drawn kudos from the City of Apalachicola for including Battery Park playground in their cleanup efforts.

Ed Springer

The residents of Apalachicola are very fortunate to have hundreds of like minded volunteers such as the Main Street group helping each day to make this community a desirable place to live and raise a family. They can be seen throughout the community serving on our many boards and committees, at the senior center, youth center and at the food pantry.

The City of Apalachicola thanks all of its many volunteers for sharing with the community their most valued resource, their time.

Will Rosenbaum

In accordance, the Apalachicola Board of City Commissioners proclaimed at their regular monthly meeting held April 7, 2015 - April 12th thru April 18th, “2015 National Volunteer Week”, and encourages all residents to get involved and to recognize those who give of their time to serve others.